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Remember sophia
September 2020 - September 2021
Sophia, the name given to Life.
The union of the three parts that make us up: feminine, masculine and life in the etheric and physical planes. A reflection of recognition of the constant search and self-observation of the true essence: the I am.
The following series was created and elaborated from a single sheet combining textile dyeing technique, botanical printing and additional materials as a representation of the processes experienced at the time.
A process that took place over thirteen months (September 2020 - September 2021). Each piece represents the first day of each month. The process consisted of getting up and cutting a piece of my sheet, carrying it with me throughout the day. In moments of walking, he collected flora, wood, flower petals, rusty objects, seawater and rain, harboring the essence of the place, moment and space where the process lived, concluding in long nights of expression of emotional color in pieces that today are part of the puzzle and manifestation of alchemy process. Make twelve buckets of dyes in a single day, choosing food waste as a base: avocado peels. A dye that can provide skin-like tones and from there to make use of ph modifiers doing the same technique, different day, different emotion and in this way complement each piece with roots, light seams and gold leaves representing the layers. that each human being carries.
Each of the pieces leads along a path. An intimate series that shares a process of transformation, reconstruction and rediscovery. Becoming an observer of the memories housed in my roots, to deconstruct what is believed to be known and build from the true essence. The beauty of life.
Recognizing that our thoughts, emotions, reactions and structures do not define us. And that we have the ability to learn and unlearn to reclaim the realms of our sovereignty.
Wishing that the spectator through the deep look remembers his own nature.







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