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Purchase Policy
  1. purchase of experience
1.1 In order to make the purchase you must be 18 years old and have the capacity to contract. You declare that the data and information you provide us are true and up-to-date.
1.2. You can make the purchase through our online store at or by email | Via whatsapp  
1.3. By making your purchase, you agree to purchase the selected experience in accordance with these General Conditions and the safe space regulations.
1.4. Once your purchase is accepted, we will send you a confirmation by email that will state your purchase and the sheets with recommendations for that day. 
1.5 The experience acquired will be monitored through Whatsapp 
1.6The dates of the experiences can be modified as well as the location of the same based on the circumstances of the present.
1.7.Once the purchase is made, no refunds are made.

- Son bienvenidos todos los seres humanos que deseen formar parte de esta experiencia.

- Respetamos todas las ideologías, creencias y opiniones ya que todos somos universos únicos.

- No será tolerada NINGUNA falta de respeto de cualquier índole , de ser así te pediremos retirarte del espacio

- Es importante respetar los procesos de cada uno de los asistentes

-Paciencia, disposición y apertura

-Cualquier duda es importante comunicar con claridad

For more information contact my team | WhatsApp 
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