And in depth : For twelve years I have dedicated myself to creating hand in hand with nature through different techniques  botanical techniques such as: textile printing, extraction of dyes and maceration of organic matter, applying light seams on fabric and creating fabrics to mention a few, starting from that point for the recognition of the infinite  techniques that can be developed through her in us, in 2014 I decided to create a space to share and transmit  the  teaching  in an "unconventional" way through recognition  of the colors that are kept in the soul.  

The story begins from childhood surrounded by vegetation with a father who loves nature and a mother who loves art, both brought me closer to her caress, discovering day by day the infinite forms of expression through its colors and textures. In 2011 the space of pieces created with forgotten textiles was born,  project that  was transformed at the same time that the path itself did,  like many of us, it contains nuances, waves of great joy, learning and experiences that have colored all the versions that I once was , am and will be.

The love for nature has led me to observe the beauty of the inner and outer world, and recognize us as the extension of herself on earth: LIFE . Work from your hand and the infinite forms of expression through various techniques  it is unpredictable and incomparable  

My work begins at home: In me.


Where the abundance of flora and the memories of the sea are so exquisite in color, textures and shapes, where walks through the countryside - the shore of the beach turn into remembering the capacity for wonder, where silences become in harmony with who we are and you can only hear the sound of the wind in the leaves, sometimes subtle, sometimes with force, where the fauna manifests itself at all hours, where sunrises, sunsets and dusks become a painting to contemplate and treasure in memory , where the interior fire is lit by preparing the pot of dye, the sea water and the steam for the plants, where the pattering of the textiles hung between the branches turns into applause and the subtle hiss of the dragging of a brush in the cloth becomes a soft melody and all together a mantra for the Soul. A space in me is a space in you.  


Recognizing Art as the parchment of the Soul and the reflection of the history that we carry within.


Wishing that the spectator through the deep look remembers his own nature.

Knowledge is useless  and wisdom if this is not shared from love, neutrality and innocence, leaving seeds of conscience in the use of these practices and responsibility  that we have with our environment and the use of the given means.

A space where Art, Nature and Life become a single scroll.  



Alchemy | Natural Dyes | botanical print   |  Mexico